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Nashville Blues and Roots Alliance Review

Kelly Z is one of the most unique artists in all of contemporary blues.  Continually challenging herself to greater heights, she often encourages her social media followers to provide her with a single word, out of which she composes a song.  That energy is evident throughout “Can’t Take My Soul.”  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance. Read more on our reviews page.

PBS 106.7 Review

Partial review of 'Can't Take My Soul' by Peter Merrett  PBS 106.7

** Track 1. - "All I Ever Want Is The Blues". Written by Kelly Zirbes and Perry Robertson. 

Calling out what would have to be the mantra for every Blues fan Kelly lays down the Blues Gospel with this wonderful tribute to all of the past masters. This music had to start somewhere and the roll call is formidable to say the least and along the way it gave birth to so many styles and sub genres. Here we have a "rockin' " tribute with Robertson's twangy guitar holding court. Kelly's voice is growling and baying at the moon with her inimitable style that oozes power and passion perfectly encompassing every great female singer of the Blues from the past one hundred years. The band rocks along with a solid rhythm section made up of bassist McFadden and drummer Mike Sauer. Certainly  the perfect tribute written by Zirbes herself and guitarist Robertson. Now this is how you make an impression!.  Read more on our REVIEWS page. 

Big bold brassy intro that showcases Kelly's amazing soul drenched voice. Energetic and gritty power driven interpretation with an attitude that makes a powerful statement...... Wow you have me in the palm of your hand Ms. Kelly Z.”

— Peter Merrett PBS 106.7

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