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  1. The Light

From the recording The Light

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Kelly Z - Vocals
Perry Robertson - Guitar
Rob Zucca- Guitar
Mark Drews - Bass
Sebastian Sheehan - Drums
Linda Moss - Harmonica
Written by Kelly Zirbes and Perry Robertson
Produced and Recorded by Perry Robertson and Scott Sanders
Mixed by Scott Sanders
Mastered by Nancy Matter at Moonlight Mastering



I was young many years ago Looking for what I didn’t know
Found a man with a pretty smile and he kept me happy for a little while
Turns out that he was no good and I didn’t do what I should
I fell in love with a bad bad man Just trying to do the best I can

I see the Light

Everyday I used to think of him trying to make his love begin
He was always on my mind but he didn’t give, give me the time
Cause he had himself another girl, he had himself another world
And I was left out in the cold Man this life is getting old

I see the light

Mama told me to be the best not to be like all the rest
To hold on to myself and get up strong if I fell
Next time I won’t get it all wrong I won’t sing the same old song
I’ll fall in love with a good good man and keep on doing the best I can

I see the light