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  1. Broken Man

From the recording Test Drive Re-mastered

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Written By Kelly Zirbes
Produced and Recorded by Perry Robertson
Mixed By Scott Sanders
Mastered by Sonic Vision Mastering



One by one they left you there sitting on a breaking chair
One by one without a sound they left you falling to the ground

She felt you there she took your hand and with her heart she helped you stand
Knowing you were a broken man she gave her heart so you could stand
She heard you crying and she saw you dying

But all or nothing was your way so nothing always filled your day
She was all that all could be but nothing from you set her free.
She could not stop your crying, she could not stop your dying

So all in black she dressed for you her veil of sorrow showed the truth
Her drowning eyes were missing you but only she knew that she would follow you
Now she can't stop crying and she can't stop dying
She will follow you.