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  1. Love Has Wings

From the recording Test Drive Re-mastered

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Written By Kelly Zirbes
Produced and Recorded by Perry Robertson
Mixed By Scott Sanders
Mastered by Sonic Vision Mastering



If I said I loved you would you hold it against me
What if I just didn't care and left you alone just anywhere
Would you remember me or forget that I exist
Would you smile or would you cry

For I have wings to fly away from you

How would I handle it if you said let's call it quits
Would I just laugh at you and say I'm glad that we're through
Or would I call you every day hoping that you'd come my way
And say you loved me more than you knew

For you have wings to fly away from me

Blind and proud we hold love down
And try so hard not to make a sound
But love is free just like you and me to up and fly away

Love has wings to fly away from you
Love has wings to fly away