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  1. Living Inside Her

From the recording Test Drive Re-mastered

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Written By Kelly Zirbes
Produced and Recorded by Perry Robertson
Mixed By Scott Sanders
Mastered by Sonic Vision Mastering



There it was living inside her
There it grew trapped deep inside her
There it was living inside her A memory

He took her in with his friendly face
With a smile so pretty it was trimmed with lace
How's a babe in the woods to know that the wolf ain't safe
No the wolf ain't safe

Come to me little girl into my grown-up world
Come be my little girl
I'll give you diamonds and pearls in this grown-up world
If you'll just be my little girl

There he was living inside her
Every breath every move he made was trapped inside her
It was all she could do to hold it inside her, a memory

I've been talking to you in rythmns you speak to me in rhymes
I'm not so good at puzzles I can't afford the time or the pain it takes to I've got to look into my very own eyes I will not be criticized

I'm just a little girl in this grown-up world
Where are all these diamonds and pearls that you promised me in this grown-up world and you promised to all the little girls.