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  1. Just a Heart

From the recording Pastrami And Jam

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Kelly Z - Vocals
Perry Robertson - Guitar
Rob Zucca - Guitars
Matt McFadden - Bass
Robert Dill - Drums
Written by Kelly Zirbes
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Scotty Lund
Mastered by Sonic Vision Mastering



I’m just a heart that got itself hurt
And I’m the rebound looking for someone
You’re looking awfully good tonight
And I’m feeling so alone
My heartbreak chooses you to take me home

If you feel romantic, save it for a rainy day
All I got on my mind tonight is forgetting he went away

Love found my heart and would not stay
Never will I let it come my way
Don’t ask me who I am , don’t ask me why
Forget words, words are lies

I am woman, you are man
Let’s do what we do the best that we can
And in the morning, nothing left to say
The moment will be over and I will slip away
Cause I’m just a heart