From the recording Plain Simple Me

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Kelly Zirbes - Vocals/Guitar
Perry Robertson - Guitar
Rob Zucca - Guitar
Matt McFadden - Bass
Scotty Lund - Drums
Written by Kelly Zirbes
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Scotty Lund
Mastered by Sonic Vision Mastering



Got word this morning I’m headed off to war
Nothing ever felt so hard in all my years before
But two years and counting I gave my word
You are now a soldier is what I heard

So I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go
This I know

The difference of opinion in this country is good
You say what you feel is right and I’ll do what I should
I’m just like you a living, breathing, loving man
Standing up for freedom the best way I can

Let the rain fall down on me
This is who I am can't you see
I fight for the right to be free
Let the rain fall down on me
As I stand here I believe
We all have the right to be free

Not sure what will happen, I'm not sure that I will live
But it would be so much better if you would just give me a little smile
Maybe shake my hand while I leave this town
I hope next year we’ll all be just hanging around

Cause I’m just like you a living, breathing, freedom loving man