From the recording Plain Simple Me

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Kelly Zirbes - Vocals/Guitar
Aubrey Richmond - Violin
Written by Kelly Zirbes
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Scotty Lund
Mastered by Sonic Vision Mastering



Are you the traveler of my dreams
Taking me to places that I’ve dreamed of but I never seen
And I long to take your hand and go with you to that distant land

Because I long to get away
Oh you know that I, I long to be set free from
Plain Simple Me

Are you the knight in shining armour
Who has come to slay the dragons that I keep inside
But I always had to hide

Will you come to my rescue
Oh and take me away with you
Because I am trapped inside my soul
Oh you know I'm needing to show much more than
Plain Simple Me

I'm trapped inside my skin
And all the walls are caving in
Trapped behind my broken dreams
Where nothing is what it seems

Because I’m slowly dying
Oh you know but no one can hear me crying
All they see is
Plain Simple Me.