“If you’re one of those people that practice extreme prejudice against all folk and folk-related music, Kelly’s Lot might just jolt you out of your preconceived ideas. Yes, Kelly Zirbes has a folksinger living deep down in her soul. However, she knows how to dress up that soul in plenty of unexpected garb. This woman who sings the praises of a simple man, is by no means simple herself.” - Dan MacIntosh The Daily Ripple 

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Kelly's Lot

Butterfly is a contemporary folk song that brings on happy tears as you say goodbye to those you love. The guitar dances with the mandolin and the background vocals hug the singer in a warm blanket keeping the listener safe and happy. The song celebrates those we love who will continue to fly like a butterfly. Originally inspired by Prince and the music he left behind, it now reminds me of all the musicians who have left us but also left us wonderful music. Kelly Zirbes - Vocals, Doug Pettibone - Acoustic and Slide Guitar, Mandolin and background vocals, Perry Robertson - Acoustic Guiatr, Art Mendoza - Drums, Paul Kennedy - Upright bass, Bobby Orgel B3. Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/rd-K7qbkFNw

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Kelly's Lot was formed in 1994 by Kelly Zirbes, a folk singer/songwriter with a heart for the blues. With 15 CDs and lots of touring in the USA and Europe, the band celebrates 26 years since the first night the band hit the stage at the Roxy in Hollywood. Kelly Z met guitar player and soundman, Perry Robertson in 1996, who soon after produced  ‘Kelly’s Lot - Live at the Troubadour’. Within a year he joined the band, started writing songs with Kelly Z and added the southern sound and Texas influences that have shaped their music. In May and June of 2020, Kelly Z and Perry worked with Doug Pettibone to record a new selection of contemporary folk and roots rock songs. Six of the songs on the album were inspired by words from fans on facebook. Kelly Z challenged them to look in their hearts and share just one word. She then challenged herself to choose a word and write a song in two hours. The new selection of songs is called 'ANOTHER SKY' and will be released as a digital download and a CD on Aug 28, 2020. As a duo, a 4 piece or a full 8 piece band they always pack a lot of energy while still getting to the heart of the listener.

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