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  1. Tired

From the album The Light

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Kelly Z - Vocals
Perry Robertson - Guitar
Rob Zucca- Guitar
Mark Drews - Bass
Sebastian Sheehan - Drums
Gary Seagrove - Harmonica
Written by Kelly Zirbes and Perry Robertson
Produced and Recorded by Perry Robertson and Scott Sanders
Mixed by Scott Sanders
Mastered by Nancy Matter at Moonlight Mastering



I’m tired, so tired, tired of being alone
I’m tired, so tired of having no one to call my own
I’m tired, so tired, I’m tired of being alone.

I’m lost, so lost, lost without love in my life
I’m lost, so lost and I don’t see no one in sight
I’m lost without love, lost without love in my life

There was a time I thought I was happy,
A time I thought I was cool
Running around like nobody business acting like a fool

But I’m lost so lost lost without love in my life
I’m lost and alone and can’t see nobody in sight

I had good love in front of me but I couldn’t see
I was trying so hard to make sure that I was free

I’m blue so blue just wanna find a love that’s true
Cause I’m tired of being lost, I’m tired of being blue So Blue