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  1. Redbone

From the recording The Light

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Kelly Z - Vocals
Perry Robertson - Guitar
Rob Zucca- Guitar
Mark Drews - Bass
Sebastian Sheehan - Drums
Bill Johnston - Sax
Written by Kelly Zirbes
Produced and Recorded by Perry Robertson and Scott Sanders
Mixed by Scott Sanders
Mastered by Nancy Matter at Moonlight Mastering



Somebody stole my heart away I thought it was you.
Somebody held me tight, it felt like you
Gave my love to the man of my dreams he looked like you
He spoke of always loving me he talked like you

Now I'm standing in the pouring rain got no where to go.
No cover to keep me dry feeling oh so blue.

All I do is I look in your eyes I see it's true
Yes the man who owns my heart used to be you
What happened to you
So if you see that man of mine won't you bring home
But don't you bother knocking on my door if you're alone

Now I'm standing in the pouring rain got nothing to do
No lover to keep me dry I'm feeling oh so blue

He walked through the door and looked at me
Kept on walking straight to me
Grabbed me by the heart held me in his arms
He kissed me wth a passion I never knew
Was it just a dream or was it you

Standing still in the pouring rain waiting for my man
That you used to be when we held hands
When we touched, when we kissed, when we made love that was my man
Standing still in the pouring rain doing the best I can