Kelly Z and "the Lot"

I'll Go (A Soldier's Oath)

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Kelly's Lot
Kelly Zirbes


Inspired by the criticism Veterans and Soldiers have faced for their service. Pro-Veterans is NOT Pro-War.

Video produced by Casey Reagan of MusicUCanSee

I’LL GO   Written by Kelly Zirbes, Perry Robertson/Guitar, Rob Zucca/Guitar, Matt McFadden/Bass, Scotty Lund/Drums, Kelly ZirbesVocals/Guitar



 Got word this morning I’m headed off to war

Nothing ever felt so hard in all my years before

But two years and counting I gave my word

You are now a soldier is what I heard


So I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go

This I know


The difference of opinion in this country is good

You say what you feel is right and I’ll do what I should

I’m just like you a living, breathing, loving man

Standing up for freedom the best way I can


Let the rain fall down on me

This is who I am can't you see

I fight for the right to be free

Let the rain fall down on me

As I stand here I believe

We all have the right to be free


Not sure what will happen, I'm not sure that I will live

But it would be so much better if you would just give me a little smile

Maybe shake my hand while I leave this town

I hope next year we’ll all be just hanging around


Cause I’m just like you a living, breathing, freedom loving man