Kelly Z and "the Lot"

Kelly's Lot Duo

Guitar and Vocals

Kelly's Lot DUO is Roots Rock, Rhythm and Blues and Americana. As a full band and an acoustic DUO they have released 12 CDs including 4 live recordings in it’s 22 years.  The DUO, Kelly Z and Perry Robertson, have led eight tours in Europe including a performance for 18,000 in Sept 2017. Their latest release, ‘Bittersweet’, is a mix of folk and root styles featuring the DUO’s songwriting.


Live at The Rose

Kelly Zirbes, vocals and Perry Robertson, guitar

Come Home

Kelly Zirbes, vocals, Perry Robertson, guitar

Live in Milwaukee

Kelly Zirbes, vocals/guitar, Perry Robertson, guitar

Live at FOLK FEST in Santa Clarita

Kelly Z, Perry Robertson and Rob Zucca

Kelly's Lot

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