Kelly Z and "the Lot"

"Starting things off was the husband and wife team Kelly’s Lot, which is kind of Ventura County’s answer to the Tedeschi-Trucks Band. Kelly Zirbes has an incredible range, and mixes it with an earthy growl reminiscent of Janis Joplin. Her husband, guitarist Perry Robertson, is quick on the frets as he leads a hip team of rhythm, keys and horns. Kelly sang, moaned and cheer lead the band through blues that stomped (“Don’t Give My Blues Away”), boogied (“Happy”) and were southern smoked (“Rise Above”) as she and the band delivered material from their slinky new album Bittersweet. The rhythm team gave the Kansas City shuffle on “You’re the Reason I Got the Blues” and Kelly slithered like a slinky on new tunes like the booga-looing “Mr. Chairman.” What a way to start the day! - 

Kelly's Lot weaves a variety of Americana styles into her music. Lead by singer/songwriter Kelly Z, the band has released 11 CDs and performed at countless concert venues and events. During their 20 years together this Southern California band has toured nationally and internationally and has been featured on many media outlets including radio, television and in film. In 2013 Kelly and her co-writer/lead guitar player, Perry Robertson, toured parts of the USA and the UK to support their acoustic release, 'Plain Simple Me'. Joining French artist, Jeff Toto Blues, they also toured France in Oct 2013, Aug 2014, and September 2015. Their 2014 release, 'Don't Give My Blues Away' features the full band which includes a horn section and keyboards. On their last release, 'Bittersweet', Kelly features her original Roots and Folk/Rock music plus a song she wrote for the film "Last Call At Murray's". Releasing on Oct 6, 2017 is 'RESCUE', a collection of 60's Rhythm and Blues that Kelly recorded at SlideAway Studio with Chuck Kavooras. Recorded on analog and releasing on CD and Vinyl. Kelly continues to write and record songs for new releases including one in the summer of 2018 which will be a Blues release with 'The Lot' The full band includes Kelly Z on vocals, Perry Robertson and Rob Zucca on guitars, Matt McFadden on bass, Sebastian Sheehan on drums, Bill Johnston on Sax, Dave Welch on Trumpet, Bobby Orgel on Keys and Frank Hinojosa on Harp. CDs are available on the site, iTunes and Amazon. Kelly and Perry write with heart and an inspiring spirit. Alone or with the band behind them, the connection Kelly’s Lot makes with a listener or an entire audience is contagious.